Meet our Board

We proudly present to you the Men and Women who help to make Excel Sports League Contra Costa County's # 1 choice for Sports and Recreational activities.


William Fleming

President/ Founder

William's path began young when he developed a passion for sports. It was then he knew he wanted to not only play but eventually Coach and mentor the younger generation in some capacity. Growing up in Hayward CA. there weren't a lot of mentors within the community. Recognizing this as an adult in Brentwood where he now lives and with the help of his friends and family, Excel Sports League was born!

William has played every Sport competitively, Basketball, Baseball, Football, even Hockey. As a player, he won various CYO and Recreational Basketball League Championships both youth and adult. He had success young in Baseball with many TOC appearances for the Babe Ruth Leagues in which he played while also obtaining League titles along the way. He finds time now to play as often and frequent in any one of these sports for fun as his love and passion for sports continues to grow.

As an adult, William started coaching Youth Baseball. This eventually led him to his passion, Basketball. In 2018, he joined the Boys Varsity Basketball staff as an Assistant Coach at Pittsburg HS where he then took over head coaching duties as the Head Boys JV Coach. 2019 is when he decided to join the staff at Heritage HS in Brentwood as Head Boys JV Basketball Coach where he Currently resides. In addition, he has mentored and worked with many kids over the years including his Son and Daughter in skill development while also teaching the game itself in the process. He is a volunteer at his Church in Brentwood CA. and continues to share his Christian faith as the backbone in his life.

William hopes to continue in this tradition with his family and community bringing Sports to those who share in his passion. He hopes to grow Excel Sports League into more than just a League but rather a foundation for growth and mentoring within his community while using Basketball as the Cornerstone for this Ministry.


Veronica Fleming

Vice President/ Director of Operations

Veronica grew up in Pittsburg CA. and has always had a passion for sports ever since she was young. She has participated in and has played such sports as Soccer, Basketball, Softball with Cheerleading rounding out her high school career.

She graduated from Pittsburg HS in 1999 and began attending San Jose State University in 2002 where she received her Bachelors Degree in Nursing. She currently works for the County of Contra Costa as a Registered Nurse helping people from all walks of life. Her love for helping and serving others is what lead her on this career path as she hopes to bring these elements with her to Excel Sports League!

Veronica, now a Wife and Mother of two still finds time to volunteer at her Church in Brentwood where she works as a teacher with the kids in Sunday school. She has also assisted and has Coached Youth Basketball since 2016. This was also the driving force behind her encouraging her husband to start Excel Sports League and has been helping and contributing since day 1 bringing her intellect and love for kids to the forefront. Veronica hopes to bring a positive culture to her community as well as to Excel Sports League where people from all walks can share in her passion for helping others!


Cody Gomez

Administration/ Project Manager

Cody learned of Excel Sports League in 2018 when her two oldest children first joined. Since their initial start, each of her children have participated in the Program virtually every season. Cody began to volunteer her time first as a Scorekeeper then as a Head Coach focusing mostly on the older age groups. Cody believes every child should be afforded the opportunity to play basketball, despite their skill or academic prowess which becomes more limited once they enter the competitive environment of both the Middle and High School realms. Excel Sports League is a Program where an equal playing field is created and all are welcome to play and express their love for the sport of Basketball. This is where Cody hopes to add to the spirit of our Program, using her knowledge of the game to build each player's self esteem and confidence in both themselves and as a member of a team.

Cody is a Bay Area local, born and raised in Concord, CA. She attended Ygnacio Valley High School where she played both Soccer and Basketball at the Varsity level. Although she did not take her game play to the College level, she never lost her love of athletics and hoped to return to them in some capacity. After graduating from high school in 2000, she attended the University of California, Irvine where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Social Behavior. She then returned to the Bay Area where she became employed in the Commercial Insurance industry where she continues working today as the Executive Vice President of a local brokerage. Cody now brings her experience both on and off the court and has proven to be a vital asset to the continued success of our Program.


Kaleb Morgan

Stats/ Scorekeeper

Kaleb started with Excel Sports League back in 2018, he was brought in to help as a Scorekeeper and has been with us ever since. Excel Sports League has grown significantly over the years so having Kaleb's intellect and level of responsibility has proven to be a huge asset for our Program.

Kaleb currently attends College at LMC in Pittsburg CA. He hopes to one day become a successful videographer and producer.


Vinny Andrea

Stats/ Scorekeeper

We are lucky to have Vinny with us as an employee. He is both charismatic and very responsible in his duties at Excel Sports League. Vinny was a player Coached by Coach Will during his tenure at Heritage HS. He was one of the best and most Coachable players on his team and now carries this mentality over with us at Excel.

Vinny currently attends College at LMC where he not only continues his playing career but also majors in Sociology.


Erica Krimm

Stats/ Scorekeeper

Erica has been with us since 2022. With our Programs growth, she has been a reliable resource over the last year and is also a Heritage HS graduate and former athlete. She is also planning on leaving for college in the Fall of 2023.

Erica continues to be an important piece to our Programs success and culture and we are blessed to have such a pleasant and productive resource as she has proven to be.