Excel Sports League is now officially trainer certified on the VertiMax V8 EX. We are currently scheduling athletes for training sessions. Please see the below information regarding our VertiMax training sessions including rates and how to schedule. Also check out these links for more on how the VertiMax is used and how it can help your athlete!


Training Details

The VertiMax machine is designed for athletes of every sport. It is not restricted to one particular sport or even training application. For those of you who are looking to train hard and gain results, please contact Coach Will, details are as follows:

  • Please contact Coach Will direct to schedule a training session. There will be no online sign up. Please note, due to COVID, indoor training at this time is unlikely and space is limited given the amount of daylight this time of year so we will do our best to schedule all you want to train.
    C: 510-415-4746, email:
  • Individual hourly rate to train is 60$ per session (hour), you can also purchase a package deal which includes (4) training sessions and (1) free 30 minute evaluation (prior to start of training) for 200$ for a savings of 10$ per session. Each training session will be tailor made to the athletes exact needs and specifications.
  • Once a session is scheduled, you must provide at least 24 hours notice to cancel or request to reschedule, NO AUTOMATIC ROLLOVERS. If the appropriate time is not given for a cancellation and or request to reschedule, a 25$ cancellation fee will be applied and due prior to any activity being permitted within Excel Sports League. This is to insure our schedule is protected as well as any other athletes waiting to train who may not have the opportunity if schedule is full.
  • Payment for each session regardless of training package is due at the time of the first scheduled session and is to be paid in cash. Payment(s) can be made by check however, this needs to be approved up front prior to scheduling.
  • Age restrictions: You must be at least 9 years old to train, no one under the age of 7 will be allowed for safety reasons. 7-8 year olds may be eligible to train however, each player of this age must be evaluated prior to any session being scheduled. The experience and or maturity level of the player must be determined to be intermediate to advanced in this case.
  • Last but not least.... Serious athletes only, please! We say this because we know there may be parents that just want their child to get out of the house however, this is a form of resistance training and can be difficult. This is not the same as playing or trying something for fun. As trainers, we do our best to motivate and encourage however, each athlete bears the responsibility of having to push themselves to their limit to gain the results they desire. Because of this, they need to want to work hard and partake in the training they are participating in. It is not about money for us so we would rather you put your money to use elsewhere the child or athlete can really benefit from. If interested in other forms of Basketball training, we do have options available. Please contact Coach Will for details on these other forms of training.