Newberry’s Block

Newberry's block is a dedicated non-profit organization providing opportunities for underprivileged youth to participate in the realm of sports through scholarships, fundraising events and community outreach. Excel Sports League is honored to partner with Newberry's block to help facilitate this need where present. For any family with limited financial resources, please download the application below, fill out completely and submit back to Newberry's Block via email, scan, fax or by mailing to the PO box noted on the application (note, email, fax and PO address is noted on the application) in order to get your application to the appropriate parties for consideration. Upon approval, you will be contacted by Newberry's Block then Excel Sports League with further instructions on how to register.

Again, thank you so much to Newberry's Block and their associates for helping in the community this way and for making sports a reality for Families and not just a dream!

In order for Newberry's Block to have an opportunity to assist you, please note the below Bylaws regarding participation through Excel Sports League. This is in addition to what is required by Newberry's Block. Newberry's BLOCK Sports Scholarship Application

Excel Sports League Bylaws regarding all NB scholarships, please read carefully:

  1. Excel Sports League cannot hold any roster spots during the approval process. It is the applicants responsibility to submit their application within a timely manner giving NB enough time to approve prior to a particular division reaching capacity.
  2. If there is a fee balance left on a registration following what NB will cover, it is the applicants responsibility to cover that balance. For example, if you submit an application and NB approves 150$ of the registration fee, applicants will be required to pay the difference of 55$ (full registration cost is 205$) prior to the start of the season.
  3. All fee balances (if any) must be paid in cash or through Venmo -
  4. Excel Sports League will no longer be available to assist with the application process IE, application handoffs, informational questions, etc.. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain the correct information or have their questions answered by the professionals at NB in order to streamline the process. Excel Sports League is not in any way apart of the approval process nor has any bearing on how they view, receive or deny applications.
  5. If an applicant is approved by NB, parents and or guardians of the participating parties in Excel Sports League will be asked to volunteer during the season you are approved for wherever needed either by stat/ scorekeeping or coaching.