New home for Excel and much more!

As many of you may already know, my Wife and I have recently become franchise owners of a Basketball focused fitness club by the name of Pick Up USA. This company originated in So Cal and now has locations across the country in the Mid West and both the East Coast and West Coast. Excel Sports League will now be bringing this franchise to Northern California right here in Contra Costa County! We are still in the very preliminary stages but things are heating up fast as we have now started the site selection process. This gym will have multiple basketball courts as well as free weights, cardio machines, various cardio based training tools and other high level basketball equipment such as the resistance training Vertimax machine and the Dr. Dish shooting machine. This facility won’t just cater to our Excel players but any and all athletes looking to train, play or simply enjoy the game of basketball with officiated pick up games. More to come as we continue to move forward on this venture!